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Here are some of the more recent accomplishments of our AATC members.  This is a showcase of what dedication and determination, training, and community can do.  Congratulations to the team!

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2023 JOAD Nationals


Ethan Park

2nd and 3rd place

Congratulations Ethan!

Harrisonburg National Regional results 


Byron Park      (Recurve U18) JOAD 6th;  Nationals: 7th


Elijah Yeung  (Recurve U13) JOAD  6th


Danielle Pak  (Recurve U13) JOAD 3rd Nationals: 3rd


Violet Watkins  (Recurve U13) JOAD 2nd Nationals: 2nd


Mary Etta Lawrence  (Recurve U13) JOAD 6th; Nationals: 4th


Quinn Skinner  (Recurve U15) JOAD 5th;  Nationals: 5th


Simon McClain  (Recurve U18) Nationals: 10th


Corbyn Todd  (Recurve U21) JOAD: 5th; Nationals: 6th


Dale Garner  (Recurve U18)  JOAD: 9th; Nationals: 13th


Bob Park  (Recurve 50+) 1st


Easton Bishop  (Compound U15) JOAD 3rd; Nationals: 2nd

Karen Bailey  (Recurve 60+) 2nd

2023 NC State


Corbyn Todd  (Gold Medal)


Dale Garner  (Silver Medal)


Byron Park  (Bronze Medal)


Eesha Nanjundappa  (Silver Medal)


Anna Williams  (Bronze Medal)


Abigail Campbell  (Gold Medal)


Quinn Skinner  (Silver Medal)

Elijah Yeung  (Gold Medal)

Mary Etta Lawrence  (Gold Medal)

Notable alumni

Caroline Ambrose

6 time NC State Champion

Solomon Goldstein

Silver medalist JOAD Nationals 2019

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