Introductory Lesson
All prospective members start their experience at AATC with a private or semi-private lesson from a USA Archery Certified Coach. During your introductory lesson you will learn about the fundamentals of archery and the foundation of your shot.  All equipment is provided.
Beginner Class
After an introductory lesson individuals may be invited to attend the Beginner Class where they meet in a small groups with an instructor twice per week for a month.  All equipment is provided.
Intermediate Class
When the instructor feels that a student has  developed mastery of the fundamentals of archery they may invite the student to attend the intermediate class.  Intermediate students may attend 3 classes per week and are welcome to attend beginner classes if there is a lane available.  Intermediate students usually elect to purchase their own equipment but are welcome to continue to use club equipment.
Advanced Class/*Basic or **Full Membership
Advanced Class students refine their shot and may be interested in starting to compete.  Advanced class members meet 4 days per week and have the option of shooting at the training center any time a safety officer is present and there is a free lane.  They work on the mental as well as physical aspects of archery and develop a deeper understanding of their shot.  Advanced Class students also must be members of AATC and have their own equipment.
AATC TEAM/*Basic or **Full Membership
Youth or adults who are interested in competition archery as a sport may be invited to join the AATC Team.  Team members meet in separate classes and receive in depth instruction in the mental and physical aspects of competition archery.  They shoot outdoors as well as indoors and are also eligible to attend archery camps with Master Coach Alexander Kirillov. 
*Basic or **Full Memberships
Basic Members may shoot at the AATC facility whenever a Safety Officer is present.  Full Members have the option of shooting at the training center 24/7 if they meet certain requirments.

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